Speaking: Lectures, Talks and Programs

Roza Selimyan is an engaging and dynamic speaker.  Her keynotes, seminars and programs are always action- and result-oriented.  Strong emphasis on prevention and complete healing is an essential part of her every talk and every program.

Dr. Selimyan’s compelling presence, her ability to effectively communicate complex scientific and medical information, her philosophy on health and well-being makes her connect with and impact diverse audiences including general public, medical doctors, scientists, nurses and other experts.

For the Bio please click here.  To invite Dr. Selimyan to speak at your event, please send your request to the following e-mail: contact@DrRozaSelimyan.com.  In your request please mention whether the program is intended for medical, scientific or general audience.

Below is the list of some of the organizations that invited Dr. Selimyan to speak at their events:

Companies that invited DrSelimyan