For young cancer survivors and patients (in Baltimore)

If you are a young adult affected by cancer, if you are trying to balance career and cancer and you are in the Baltimore, MD area — consider going to Y.E.S! (Young adults Embracing Survivorship). When:   Saturday, June 8, 2013 Where: 900 E. 33rd St., Baltimore, MD 21218 (former site of Memorial Stadium) Cost:    Free 9:30am – 10:00am Registration & Breakfast 10:00am – 1:00pm Program Note: You must RSVP by June 3rd by contacting: Tracy Orwig –  (443) 471-1627 … Continue reading

Make the best use of your cell phone

Unless you were on a different planet for past several years, you have heard about the controversies over the health risks of your cell phone.  I almost never carry my cell phone on me and would advise doing the same to everyone, or at least avoid having your cell phone next to your body as much as you can. In case you absolutely have to have your cell phone on you, I wanted to tell you about one thing that … Continue reading

Diversify your water

This post is for people who don’t like drinking water and for those who love it, but have family members who don’t. Or perhaps you would like to diversify the water you drink, particularly when expecting guests? Many people find the taste of water boring – and, therefore, don’t drink enough of it.  In a separate post, I will address the benefits of hydrating yourself properly and consequences of not drinking enough (especially in the case of illness).  Here I … Continue reading


Since I started taking my smoothies to work, no day would go by without questions asked about my smoothie-snacks. I had lots of fun observing how different people reacted to different smoothies. Usually there would be a genuine interest towards my unusual snacks. At times, however, I could read on my co-workers’ faces something like “How can you possibly eat it?!” Sometimes there was even no need of reading anything from the facial expressions – the person would ask that … Continue reading

50/50 (or Your New Prognosis)

Foreword: I have written this article about two years ago, however several periodicals said that even though they like the idea, it doesn’t fit into their magazine’s/newspaper’s format.  It is a very important topic to me though, so I want to share it with as many people as possible – especially with those who are facing a life-threatening or life-altering disease. What I want to talk about is your prognosis when diagnosed with a disease.  The examples that I use … Continue reading

Positive Attitude and Health

The only disability in life is a bad attitude. ~ Scott Hamilton Biomedical scientists all over the world work tirelessly on improving health and extending life, funded by various government and private institutions and by every tax-paying person. The reason that so much time, energy and wealth are spent on the medical research is the positive notion that we will find cures for diseases and that people all over the world will be healthier. What I find ironic though, is … Continue reading