My Dear Student,

For quite some time, I have been thinking of ways that I can be of more and better support to you – not only for you to get the best learning experience while in my class(es) but also to support you as you are building your career and life.  After considering some options, I thought that creating a blog is the best solution.  I titled it ‘Letters to My Students’ – and through these letters I intend to communicate with you about things that I do not get a chance to talk about in the class. 

There is a certain irony that I discovered recently.  Most of the classes I have taught are considered Life Sciences, yet we have a lot of discussions on the sciences in the class and very little discussion on life.  One thing that I know for sure though, is that you have most appreciated our conversations on what is holding you from going after your biggest dreams and reaching your goals, discussions about the best action plan and more. 

In these conversations, you and I have laughed and cried together, I have seen you at your most vulnerable and your most triumphant states, you have shared with me secrets that even your parents and close friends do not know, you found refuge in my office when you needed a moment to regain focus, I have seen you turn your life around and go for your biggest dreams. 

It is my biggest desire that, through this blog and these letters, I can offer consistent support to you – not only when you and I get a chance to talk but when I get a chance to write letters and when you get a chance to read them.  As always, you are encouraged to ask me any questions and/or share any thoughts, ideas or concerns that you might have. Let me know what topic(s) you would like me to write about. 

When I decided to start the blog, I sat down to list the topics that I would potentially address.  Within a few minutes, the list included at least two dozen topics.  Letting me know what topics are of most importance to you would surely give me more ideas and will help with prioritizing them.

You can share your thoughts with me in a comment below or email me your suggestions at contact@drrozaselimyan.com.  I look forward to hearing from you!

With my best wishes as always,
Dr. Selimyan

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