What I Learned Surviving 3 Bouts of Cancer

This article was first published at The Huffington Post.

huffpo-logoMost people say that their life was not the same after being diagnosed with cancer. When one experiences three separate diagnoses of cancer (in my case it was lymphoma each time), and when every subsequent time the prognosis of recovery drops significantly, one re-evaluates every single aspect of one’s life. Perhaps the single advantage of spending endless weeks in bed, ultimately accumulating to well over a year, is that I had plenty of time to contemplate and reflect on my entire being.

I experienced the first symptoms of cancer when I was only 29 years old. I am often asked about the changes that I incorporated into my lifestyle and how my life in general has actually changed since the initial diagnosis. The truth is that I have never been a smoker; I never consumed much alcohol; I never used drugs; and my diet has always been fairly healthy. After all, being a scientist in the biomedical field, I was very educated about health. Yet my lifestyle and my approach to many things have changed significantly. What follows are some of the insights that I gained during last nearly nine years.

You can read the rest of the article at The Huffington Post.

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